The Issues 

“I grew up on a family farm and learned the value of hard work at an early age. My parents and grandparents taught me that if you work hard and study hard, you would have the same access to opportunity as anyone else. I look around rural Iowa today and no longer see the same access to opportunity for our younger generation that benefited me growing up. Iowans deserve better. Supporting affordable health care for every Iowan, fully funded public education, and an economy that benefits everyone is just common sense, and that is not what we are seeing in Des Moines right now.” - Dave

Jobs and Small Businesses

It is time we prioritize hard-working Iowans and we can start by raising the minimum wage, because nobody working full time should have to live in poverty.  In order for our communities to thrive we need to build our economy for generations of working Iowans.  To do that, we need to further invest in Iowans by making community college more affordable and providing job training to retain Iowa's talented individuals.   Anyone who wants to work should have the skills and education they need to find a job, and anyone who wants to start a small business should have the opportunities and resources they need to succeed.  


Iowa is not immune from the dangers of climate change, and few states have the potential to be leaders in fighting climate change like Iowa.  We need to support and grow our wind energy and bio fuel industries, and further expand renewable technologies such as solar and geothermal.  We also need to immediately address the water quality crisis in this state by utilizing a farmer-first approach.  Incentivizing the use of cover crops, buffer strips and other environmentally friendly techniques can put our farmers in control of cleaning up our state's water and expanding wildlife habitat.  

Health Care

Health care is a right, not a privilege. Not enough is being done at the Capitol to increase access to health care and the quality of health care services in Iowa. The privatization of Medicaid has come at the expense of Iowa's most vulnerable populations and is leaving many people and providers at risk.  After years of inaction, it is time we prioritize fixing the Medicaid disaster and mental health crisis in this state.




Iowa has always been known for its high standard of public education. However, public schools have not been a priority for the Iowa Legislature because the state is not granting our teachers or students the resources that are necessary for Iowa's youth to succeed. I will fight to ensure that Iowa's youth are fully prepared for entry into the workforce and higher education by fully funding our public schools, expanding pre-k programs and making community college affordable to all.  

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